oomnis limited web

A Few Words About Who we are

oomnis was built by veterans of the digital signage space to answer the needs of businesses with visual IT solutions.
Why oomnis?

We started oomnis in 2018 in order to provide a gateway for great visual IT solutions from the global community into Asia-Pacific in order to provide a palette of great solutions for Pro AV integrators and to build the solutions when we don't find the right solution fit for the market.

Our values​

Committed to long-term win-win relationships

Open and honest communication

Passionate for open technology

Uncompromising for quality 

The oomnis mission

​Our mission is to build, discover, curate, distribute, integrate, service and support  high-quality visual communication solutions.

Partner centric

We are a people business. We are g​rowing our business centered around our partners

Long-term relationships

Nobody is perfect and neither are we. But we will work with your to sustain a long-term win-win relationship    

Open and honest communications

There is nothing worse that work with a company that hides issues. We will strive to communicate honestly and openly and address any issue together.

Passsion for open technology

Solving complex issues is easier with open technology. We will strive to find the best set of solutions and bring them together with integration.

No compromise for quality

We select systems that stand the test of time. And we work diligently to fix issues when we find them!