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  • TELELOGOS Media4Display

    As an established  market leader in Europe, TELELOGOS has selected oomnis to become its representative in the APAC region. You are interested in powerful, dependable, manageable and yet easy-to-use digital signage?
  • For those time when you need more oomph!

    YCD Multimedia Cnario is an advanced digital signage solution capable of delivering outstanding performance for most digital signage projects but Cnario is also uniquely capable with multi-display across multiple players playback scenario!
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Manage your network

From a single LED to tens of thousands of displays across multiple regions, Media4Display is uniquely capable to manage your playback devices and content over a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms.

Media4Display features


Not only Media4Display is compatible with the majority of modern file formats but its easy-to-use online content editor makes it possible to remix content with dynamic data.


Building upon the long history of device management by TELELOGOS, Media4Display benefits from a best-in-class device management system enabling unparalleled system configuration, deployment,  maintenance and monitoring.


Not only does Media4Display offer a wide set of APIs both on the server and on the client side, it also has support for a number of datasource format and protocols  enabling no-code approach to content integration.


From a single Android all-in-one embedded display device to high-resolution playback of content across multiple screens, Media4Display works for even the most advanced usages.