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  • For your workspaces, desks and more! 

    FlexO is a multi-resource booking and management solution to manage your meeting rooms, huddlespaces, desks, shared facilities, parking spaces and mobile equipments such as projectors or whiteboards, and more.
  • Desk Booking or Hoteling?
    ​Hub space or Parking space?

    We got you covered with our solutions installable either on-premise or on a private cloud.
    Or simply use our SaaS service available in your region!

Web Portal

Use the web portal to make, amend or check your bookings on rooms, desks, hubspaces, parkings, lockers and more

Calendar Sync

May it be Microsoft 365®, Google Workspace or Microsoft Exchange®, either in-the-cloud, or on-premise, we have your back!

Detailed Analytics

This is not an option! FlexO comes preloaded with a large variety of pre-programmed analytics report, accessible from day 1 !

API Integration

On top of the existing IoT integrations, FlexO Core operations are available as API points for custom integrations! 

FlexO in action!

Multi-resource support

Use FlexO multi-resource booking engine to manage a variety of resources, assets and locations meeting rooms, modular rooms, hotdesks, as well as any other type of bookable amenities such as projectors, Surface Hubs etc.

Create your assets, define their booking behavior, and let your users book and use the resources they need. Check on your resource utilization on a regular basis with our built-in analytics!

Synchronize with your enterprise calendar

Synchronization with your exinsting calendar system: Office365, Exchange, G-Suite, as well as iCal export for offline sync.

Reservation entries are automatically added to your favorite email client so your users don't need to double entry the booking in their calendar.

Room Management

Define and create amenities based on your requirements.

Set rooms as VIP room for restricted access.

Assign amenities to your rooms to speed up room selection.

Report issues with amenities directly from the Room Navigator.

Central Management

Manage application settings

Define users and roles

Add/Remove Sites, Rooms and other resources

Enable/Disable Amenities

Set thresholds for auto cancellation and termination

Customizable themes​​ & pictures

System Integration

Supports IoT sensors using Azure IoT Hub or MQTT protocol

NFC: interacts with the Room Navigator using your NFC-compatible employee badge/card

LDAP / Active Directory: connect to your company directory.

SSO: seamless authentication within your organization domain.​

APIs: leverages our booking engine APIs to integrate with your Enterprise systems, or develop your own content.​

Multi-lingual and multi-timezone

FlexO speaks a lot of languages!

Français (French)

Deutsch (German)

Español (Spanish)

日本語 (Japanese)

繁體中文 / 简体中文 (Traditional/Simplified Chinese)

Your infra or ours

Customers will always have a choice between installing FlexO in-house using a permanent license of using one of our certified hosting partners on a subscription basis.

FlexO standard cloud based subscription is hosted within the Microsoft Azure framework but your are free to set up Azure in your own datacenter, on your private cloud or even in your office server room!